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1- Refurbishment & Modification Works

Cranes and steel (C&S) can carry out crane refurbishment of almost all types and models of cranes. We can help refurbish and reduce the cost of maintenance.
Our refurbishment and renovation includes replacement of hoists or renovation of mechanical components. Hence, will increase the lifespan at your crane as well as it will increase safety.
We provide complete refurbishment service of cranes based on case-to-case basis and in consultation with customers. We first undertake due diligence of the machine and evaluate the scope of repairs via a thorough inspection. Based on the inspection, a parts list is prepared, and scope of repair is defined in mutual discussion with the customer. Customers can either opt for reconditioning of the parts or full replacement.

2- Site Installation

As a part of a job integrity, Cranes & Steel (C&S) is ready to provide site installation services with high levels of quality and safety. Project management is one of our professional services that uses specialized team, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from its beginning to its end and to control a projects time, cost and quality.

3- Service Program

As part of our ongoing service and support promise, Cranes & Steel (C&S) offers a reliable service program. We keep a record of your equipment’s performance to ensure you maximize its serviceable life.

Our hands-on approach includes ongoing inspection of cranes, hoists and equipment. We perform visual inspection, troubleshooting and an in-depth service of your entire. A thorough visual inspection is followed up with a report, covering from the visible wear and tear to a simple load test of the hoist’s rope or chain.

The detailed service and inspection covers all areas of your crane, hoist and equipment, followed by a report on the condition of your unit.

4- Maintenance

Ongoing testing and maintenance is crucial in any working environment. We offer a top-notch maintenance and service plan. Our technicians are all highly qualified.

Our in-house lifting machine inspector provides speedier delivery on crane servicing. Ask us how you can gain access to our unique team for all your rigging, assembly, installation, commissioning and load testing needs. We can help, no matter where you are.

Preventative maintenance

We have a plan in place to ensure that your unit always functions optimally. Our service staff will also advise you on the condition of your crane and any preventative measures you can apply to ensure your business needs remain optimally met.

Corrective maintenance

Keeping up with current safety and performance regulations can be a challenge, but we can upgrade or modify your equipment to maintain compliance. Our close working relationship with you and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ensures that, should any piece of equipment need to be recalled and replaced, we can do it quickly.

Ongoing maintenance

Through ongoing maintenance, we keep our products up to date with new designs and innovations. As long as development contributes to improving the service the unit offers you, we will keep on doing it.

Annual maintenance

Cranes and Steel (C&S) also offers annual crane maintenance so that you can be sure that a professional technician is keeping an eye on your cranes

5- Warranty

A 1-year warranty is always a part of the purchase of our crane. Any faults that arise during the warranty period are guaranteed and will be swiftly fixed by local client service.

6- Spare Parts

Customer service is perceived as the ability to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers, mainly as to the time and place of the ordered supplies, using all available forms of logistics activities. The specificity of the production process indicates that one of the main factors affecting the production continuity is the availability of spare parts for machines and equipment. We have spare parts stocked in our storage and can supply spare parts on customer demand.