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1- Manual & Electric Hoists

Cranes and Steel (C&S) supplies manual chain hoists which is an excellent choice in an environment where electricity is impractical or not available. They are also an economical solution when you don’t need to lift every day.

2- Chain & Belt Hoists

Chain hoists are hoists utilized by a lift wheel around a chain wraps. Chain hoists are affordable, silent in operation and versatile. Chain drives gives the advantage of more power compared to belts. They can be user for both small and large center distances. Chain hoists have low maintenance cost and give high transmission efficiency.

Belt Hoists are the right choice for electronic, pharmaceutical and food industry applications, or anywhere your workspace must be properly hygienic. Polyester belt requires no lubricants making the belt simple and reliable hoist that offers the precision and safety environment where cleanliness is vital.

3- Overhead Cranes

– Single Girder Crane

The main structure of crane is composed of box steel beams or profiled ones coupled with travelling motorized end carriages. The lifting systems consist in electric hoist rope or chain which runs on beams allowing horizontal movements. For special applications, the single bridge crane may be suspended on a metallic structure.

– Double Girder Crane

The main structure of crane is composed of box steel two beams or profiled ones coupling with travelling motorized carriages. The lifting system consists in winch or hoist in accordance to the requirements which run on beams allowing horizontal movements.

4- Slewing Jib Crane

Pillar and wall-mounted jib cranes are specifically designed to serve encircled work areas, generally for lifting light loads. Our standard production covers jib cranes with a max load capacity of 2 ton and a max outreach of 8 meters, but bigger jibs are also available.

5- Monorail Cranes & Fixed Hoists

– Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes are most frequently used in lower safe working load. They tend to be the most economic choice for many standard applications of material flow. Usually the cross travel trolley is adjustable to suit various flange widths. They are used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, freight yards and other working environment. In some cases the monorail cranes work on curved pathways.

– Fixed Hoists

Are hoists that are fixed to the ceiling, providing a stable support and best combination of lifting and height capacity. As well as fixed hoists exchange mobility for ability to lift larger loads and reach greater heights due to their better stability.

6- Light Crane System

Cranes and Steel (C&S) supplies light crane system which are user-friendly personal workstation cranes with extensive work area coverage, easy to install and move if necessary. Operating the light crane system requires minimal effort from the user, which makes it safe and ergonomic to use.

7- Underslung (Suspension) Cranes

In order not to affect the operation, when a working area is not allowed to have any support structure, flexible light composite beam suspension crane is a perfect choice. This crane system requires a roof structure strong enough to support the crane load safely. Customers can install multiple main girders on a set of fixed rails, greatly improving production efficiency.

8- Gantry Cranes

A gantry crane is an overhead crane that has two breams supported by freestanding legs and move on wheels, a track, or rail system carrying a bridge, trolley and hoist. Workshops, warehouses, freight yards, railroads, and shipyards use gantry cranes as their lifting solution. Gantry cranes are designed to lift small loads and heavy duty ones. The varieties of gantry cranes makes it possible to fit a gantry crane to any form of lifting application.

9- Special (Non-Standard) Cranes & Winches

We have supplied and manufactured large capacity cranes throughout the years and in various industries such as steelworks, generators productions, power stations, forging plants, plastic molding and others.

10- Explosion Proof Cranes

Explosion proof cranes are cranes specifically designed for different explosion cases and with special components to meet high safety standards. The products such as hook, rope, drum, remote control, switches, electrical panel etc. to be used are specially prepared.